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FT232RNL USB TO TTL Industrial UART (C)


Date:2024-05-11 16:06
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Industrial USB to TTL serial cable

Industrial USB to TTL serial cable

Suitable for serial debugging of industrial control equipment, with hardware flow control

【Product introduction】

[] Industrial USB to TTL serial cable, using the original FT232RNL solution, onboard power supply and signal indicator, support 3.3V/5V level switching, built-in self-recovery fuse, ESD and IO protection diode circuit, small and exquisite.

Product parameter

[] Product type: Industrial USB to TTL serial cable

Chip scheme :FTDI original FT232RN

Host interface :USB

Communication rate :300bps ~


Device interface :UART

USB port: Port type: USB-A port

Interface protection: self-recovery fuse, ESD electrostatic protection

UART interface: Port form: 6PIN DuPont wire loose head

Interface protection: IO protection diode circuit

Indicator :PWR: Power indicator, connected to USB, and on when voltage is detected

TXD: Send indicator. This indicator is on when data is sent from the USB port

RXD: indicates the receiving indicator. This indicator turns on when data is sent back from the device port

Cable specifications Black, PVC cover, cable length 1m

【Original chip solution】

[] Using FT232RNL original chip to provide better stability and compatibility

【Multi-system compatibility】

[] Support Win7/8/8.1/10/11, Mac, Linux, Android and other systems

【Three data indicators】

[] Easily see the working state, for your programming debugging to provide convenience

【Pin specification】

[] VCC: can provide 5V or 3.3V voltage to external equipment (set by switch)

GND: connects to the GND

TXD: Connect to MCU.RXD (signal flow: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)

RXD: Connect to MCU.TXD (signal flow: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)

【Product size】