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VS1053 MP3 Board User Guide


  • The VS1053 audio decoding module can not only play various music formats, but also supports OGG real-time encoding and recording.
  • MP3 development adopts AVR processor, and SPI interface is reserved on the board, which is convenient for connection and use.


  • Provide SPI interface, control signal line leads
  • Headphone and speaker output interface x1
  • Microphone for recording x1
  • 1ine_in input interface x1
  • Power Indicator
  • Working voltage: DC 5V, capacitor filter
  • 3.3V and 1.8V LDO chip AMS-1117 on the carrier board, providing a maximum current of 800mA
  • Crystal oscillator frequency: 12.288MHz

   Interface Description

  • HJ: 3.5mm headphone jack interface
  • MC: Pickup mic available for recording
  • LINE IN: Input mode selection, used to select the audio source for ADPCM recording,
  • If it is 0, the microphone input pins MICP and MICN are used,
  • If 1, LINEIN is used
  • SPI: SPI download interface