Raspberry Pi PoE HAT (E) User Guide


  • The PoE HAT (E) is an 802.3af-compliant Power Over Ethernet accessory 
  • for the Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B. By using this small HAT and some 
  • it is possible to provide both network connection 
  • and power supply for your Raspberry Pi in only one Ethernet cable.


  • Supports Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, compatible with the Raspberry Pi official case
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability,IEEE 802.3af-compliant
  • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply (SMPS)
  • Adopt a more compact component layout scheme, smaller and the more flexible


  • POE POWER INPUT: 37V ~ 57V DC in
  • POWER OUTPUT: 5V 2.5A DC out
  • DIMENSIONS: 65.00 × 32.00mm

Price: $19.89
Part Number: PoE HAT (E)
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0102140