Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion Board User Guide


This expansion board is specially made for Raspberry Pi Pico, it expands all the pins of the Pico development board. On-board 3.3V and 5V power indicator and reset button. We combine all the pins and classify them, and design the IIC interface, serial interface, SPI interface, SWD interface; and provide special interfaces suitable for some sensor modules, such as: OLED display interface, Bluetooth module interface, servo interface. Plug and play, no separate power supply, suitable for users to learn and develop Raspberry Pi Pico in depth.


  • Tailored for Raspberry Pi Pico board.
  • No need welding, plug and play.
  • On-board 4Pin common module interface.
  • Support multiple servos.
  • Can be used for sensor kits, professional extension, and robot development.

Price: $13.89
Part Number: Pico GPIO Expansion Board
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0105334