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Jetson Nano 3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano User Guide


Quality 3-Ch Relay Expansion Board Designed For Jetson Nano, Optocoupler Isolation


  • Standard 40PIN GPIO header, directly pluggable onto the Jetson Nano
  • Incorporate quality relay component, max load: ≤5A 250V AC or ≤5A 30V DC
  • Optocoupler isolation, prevent interference from the high voltage circuitry
  • Indicators for monitoring the relay operating status
  • Control pins of relays are configurable via jumpers
  • Acrylic bottom panel, isolating the Jetson Nano from the relay expansion board


Price: $19.89
Part Number: 3-CH-Relay-for-Jetson-Nano
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0501204