FT245 USB FIFO Board (mini) User Guide


The FT245 USB FIFO Board (mini) is an accessory board that provides a USB to parallel FIFO interface, with FT245 chip onboard, also features USB mini-AB connector, and control interface (8 data pins & 6 control pins).

The FT245 USB FIFO Board (mini) is ideal for establishing communication between MCU and PC.

There is also a jumper used for selecting VCC output level provided on the board:

  • Short the jumper to select output voltage level as 5V or 3.3V. In this case, the accessory board is powered from USB *connection and provides power to the target application board
  • If the jumper is open, the accessory board should be powered from the target application board (3.3V-5V)


  1. FT245RL[1]
    • Single chip USB to parallel FIFO bidirectional data transfer interface.
    • Entire USB protocol handled on the chip - No USB-specific firmware programming required.
    • Simple interface to MCU / PLD / FPGA logic with simple 4-wire handshake interface.
    • Data transfer rate to 1 Megabyte / second - D2XX Direct Drivers.
    • Data transfer rate to 300 kilobyte / second - VCP Drivers.
    • 256 byte receive buffer and 128 byte transmit buffer utilising buffer smoothing technology to allow for high data throughput.
  2. USB interface
    • Two types of USB interfaces, USB mini and USB type A, for choice.
  3. Power supply jumper VCCIO JMP
    • The power supply jumper VCCIO JMP can be set to 5V or 3.3V to supply different voltages to VCC pin of a motherboard.
  4. Power status PWR LED
    • The PWR LED is used for checking whether the module is power supplied.
  5. Pin header
    • It can be used for corresponding interface connection.

Pin definition

VCCIOPower supplyIt can be used to supply FT245 chip or external devices. 3.3V or 5V supply can be set by the onboard jumper.
GNDPower supplyGround
D0~D7Input/OutputFIFO data bus bit 0 ~ bit 7
NCNCNo Connection
RST#InputCan be used by an external device to reset the FT245.
PWREN#OutputGoes low after the device is configured by USB, then high during USB suspend.
TXE#OutputWhen high, do not write data into the FIFO. When low, data can be written into the FIFO by strobing WR high, then low.
RXF#OutputWhen high, do not read data from the FIFO. When low, there is data available in the FIFO which can be read by strobing RD# low, then high again.
WR#InputWrites the data byte on the D0...D7 pins into the transmit FIFO buffer when WR goes from high to low.
RD#InputEnables the current FIFO data byte on D0...D7 when low. Fetched the next FIFO data byte (if available) from the receive FIFO buffer when RD# goes from high to low.


  1. Jump up FT245: The FT245R is the USB FIFO interface Integrated Circuit Devices.
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