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Luckfox Pico RV1103【Kernel compilation】

Compilation environment:Windows11+WSL2-ubuntu_22.04-LST

1] Download the official SDK:

Enter the following command in Ubuntu

 sudo git clone https://github.com/LuckfoxTECH/luckfox-pico.git

After downloading, enter the command “cd ./luckfox-pico” to enter the luckfox-pico folder;

2] One-click automatic compilation:

Selecting 0 will compile pico-related images;

Selecting 1 will compile pico-plus related images.;

When you see something like “succeeded,” it means the compilation was successful.

Please enter the “image” folder by typing “cd ./luckfox-pico/output/image” and check the compiled image files

This means that the kernel compilation is completed.

3] Verify the compiled image file:

The simplest and most effective way to verify is to flash the image file onto the pico or pico-plus development board. For specific flashing instructions, please click on the following link to view.

Burn the image onto the TF card & (Plus)Burn the image into the onboard flash

FAQ:The following errors may occur during the compilation process:

According to the provided error message, the error “configure: error: * gperf not found” occurred during the compilation process. This is because the gperf tool is missing. To install the gperf tool, run the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install gperf

This will solve the problem.

Other:In addition to “one-click automatic compilation,” you can also compile image files for different modules.:(For example: compiling U-Boot, kernel, rootfs, media, compiling reference applications, firmware packaging)

Please refer to the official SDK's README document for specific operation procedures.

luckfox-pico/project/readme_cn.txt at main · LuckfoxTECH/luckfox-pico (github.com)

luckfox-pico/project/readme_en.txt at main · LuckfoxTECH/luckfox-pico (github.com)