Raspberry Pi IR Remote Shield, receive and transmit, DIY dual IR transmitter


Part Number:IR-Remote-Shield

Date:2022/05/09 15:28

Raspberry Pi IR Remote Shield, receive and transmit, DIY dual IR transmitter


This adapter board needs to be used with the development board. The orange pie has a 13pin functional interface for the board:

  • 1. Infrared receiving function
  • ------Working frequency: 38K HZ
  • ------Receiving distance: 18-20m
  • ------Receiving angle: +/-45 degrees
  • 2. Infrared emission function
  • ------Wavelength: 940nm
  • ------Launch distance: 7-8m
  • Support infrared dual LED emission, the emission effect is stronger (users need to weld the spare emission tube D2 by themselves, and disconnect SJ1)
  • Support powerful LIRC software, using LIRC and expansion boards, users can use it to copy almost all infrared remote control functions (TV, power amplifier, DVD, etc. electrical remote control), and control your various electrical equipment through commands .
  • Support XBMC system, users can use the infrared function of expansion board in XBMC environment
  • Support two GPIO buttons, users can configure button functions through programming


IR-Remote-Shield use Raspberry Pi 2B/B+ expansion board to complete various infrared remote control and remote control functions.

  • Some simple application scenarios:
  • Remote turntable: You can first record the remote control function of the electrical appliance through the expansion board, and then control the electrical appliance by remotely controlling the Raspberry Pi to emit infrared rays.
  • Timing switch electrical appliances: Through the expansion board, the electrical appliances can be switched on and off regularly
  • Remote control car, you can use the infrared remote control to remote control the Raspberry Pi car
  • Audio and video playback control, XBMC, MPLAYER, etc.