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2.13inch e Paper E Ink Raw Display Panel SPI 212x104


Date:2021-08-30 15:57
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2.13inch e-Paper E-Ink Raw Display Panel SPI 212x104


  • Due to the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, wide viewing angle, and clear display without electricity, it is an ideal choice for applications such as shelf labels and industrial instruments. This is a 2.13-inch DES electronic paper display with a resolution of 212x104 and can communicate through the SPI interface.
  • The driver IC includes gate buffer, source buffer, time control logic, oscillator, DC-DC, SRAM, LUT, VCOM, and each panel provides a frame. Wide operating temperature range: -20℃ ~ 60℃.
  • Can be used in cold environment and sunlight, GDEW0213M21 is an excellent choice for shelf label, smart label, smart home application, industrial tool, smart card, outdoor equipment application.
  • Power consumption: ultra-low power consumption
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Use in the sun: support
  • Ultra-wide temperature -20 degrees use: support 


  • No backlight, even if it is turned off, the last content can be displayed for a long time
  • Ultra-low power consumption, basically only need to refresh the power supply
  • Comes with development resources and manuals (example of Arduin-MCU32)
  • Manufactured using new technology: DES, DES has the following characteristics: Compared with other similar products, DES has higher contrast and better display effect. (DES products are greater than 1:45, ordinary EPD products are less than 1:25)
  • Ultra-wide temperature working range: -20℃ ~ 60℃ (conventional monochromatic electronic ink screen working temperature range: 0℃-50℃, three-color working temperature 0℃-40℃, ultra-low temperature working temperature: -25℃ ~ 25℃)
  • It can be used in the sun and cold environment. 


  • Working voltage: 3.3V
  • Interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI
  • Display color: black, white
  • Grayscale: 2
  • Full refresh time: 8s
  • Refresh power: 26.4mW (typical value)
  • Driver chip: DEPG0213BN / GDEM0213B74 /GDEM0213B74 

MCU32 Features

  • Immersive gold craft
  • High cost performance
  • Small size, easy to embed other products
  • Powerful functions support LWIP protocol, Freertos
  • WiFi supports three modes: AP, STA and AP + STA
  • Support Windows system (cygwin and msys32) and Linux system
  • Support Arduino-ide, ESP-IDF, Micropython multiple development environments
  • Support Lua program, easy development