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Raspberry pi UPS Power Extension Board With RTC, Measurement, 5V


Date:2020-09-26 16:47
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UPS-Power-Expansion-Board is a specially designed for the Raspberry Pi designed UPS power supply.

Easy to install, integrated with raspberry pie. Adopt two standard 18650 lithium batteries for power supply, support external power plug-in detection, support edge.

  Do not include Raspberry Pi and 18650 Battery, Please Buy alone.


  • UPS-18650-Lite is a UPS power supply specially designed for Raspberry Pi model B series boards (namely 4B/3B+/3B, etc.). 
  • UPS-18650-Lite is connected to the pi through 7 pogopins. The power supply and battery power measurement functions of the pi are all done through pogopins. 
  • The pi does not need to plug any power cords, just plug the external power cord into the UPS type-C port ,it can complete power supply and charging by the UPS. 
  • In addition, UPS-18650-Lite integrates the professional fuel gauge chip MAX17040G, which can be used to measure UPS battery voltage and battery remaining power


  • Charging current: Max 1A@5V
  • Output current: Max 3.5A@5.1V (PS: Please use good quality batteries and power adapters to ensure that the UPS works normally)
  • Battery measurement: Percentage of battery SOC, an error ±2%, The measurement errors of battery 

  Pogopin interface design

  • For Raspberry Pi Zero series boards, does not affect the use zero expansion boards.

  Working With Raspberry Pi

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