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Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano USB TO AUDIO User Guide

This is a USB sound card, support recording and playback, stereo codec, built-in microphone, and speaker. It is suitable for Raspberry Pi/ Jetson Nano. driver-free, plug, and play.


  • Onboard Power indicators for checking working status.
  • Onboard microphone and speaker, support audio input/output
  • Driver-free, plug, and play. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.
  • Standard USB 2.0 port, portable size.


  • Power voltage:5V
  • Audo Encoder/Decoder:SSS1629A5
  • Control port:USB
  • Audio port:PH2.0
  • Seakper driver:2.6W per channel (4Ω BTL)

Working with Raspberry Pi

Hardware configuratoin

Hardware connection:

Play and record

  • Right-click the Audio logo of Raspberry Pi ->Choose USB PnP Audio Device->Play or recording

Configure volume

  • Right-click USB Device Settings->The left spider is the volume of the speaker and the right one is microphone.

Working with PC

  • Connect the USB TO AUDIO to PC and it will be auto-recognized as a USB audio device.

  • Open the Control panel. choose Hardware and Sound-> Sound -> Recording and a USB microphone is listed.

  • Connect speaker to the USB TO AUDIO , please keep the speaker away from the USB TO AUDIO module

Right-Click Microphone -> Properties -> Listen and set it as below:

  • Try to say to the microphone and check if the speaker works normally. Please keep the speaker away from the USB TO AUDIO Module, or it causes echo problem.
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