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Arduino UNO R4 Tutorial - Setting IDE Environment

1】Upgrade your Arduino IDE

To support the R4, you need to download the latest version of Arduino IDE (version 2.1.1 or above). 

If you have an older version of Arduino IDE, 

you can open the command panel by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P within the Arduino IDE software. 

Run the command “Arduino: Check for Arduino IDE Updates,” and 

then check for the pop-up notification in the lower-left corner. 

Alternatively, you can directly download the latest version of Arduino IDE from the Arduino official website 

at https://www.arduino.cc/en/software

2】 Click on “Board Manager” and search for “UNO R4” to install the Arduino UNO R4 package.

3】 Once the installation is complete, select the Arduino UNO R4 development board.