Raspberry Pi CM4-DUAL-ETH-WIFI6-BASE User Guide

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  • CM4 WIFI6 Dual Ethernet Base For CM4, Powerful Ethernet Capability, Suitable For Evaluating The Raspberry Pi CM4 Or Being Integrated Into End Products.


  • CM4 card seat: All versions suitable for Compute Module 4
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 interface × 1; 100M Ethernet RJ45 interface × 1
  • USB: USB 2.0 interface × 3
  • Pcie: m.2 e key
  • Connector: Raspberry Pi 40pin GPIO interface
  • Display: MIPI DSI interface (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
  • Camera: MIPI CSI-2 interface × 2 (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
  • Video: HDMI interface × 2, support 4K 30FPS output
  • Real time clock: the ability to bring a battery interface and awakened Compute Module 4
  • Storage: Drive Micro SD card slot (suitable for versions without EMMC)
  • Fan interface: 5V/12V, does not support speed adjustment speed measurement
  • Power input: 7V ~ 36V wide voltage voltage
  • Size: 109.0 × 91.5mm

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