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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4 WIFI6 Dual Ethernet Base io Board On board M.2 E KEY interface


Date:2022-11-22 16:19
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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4 WIFI6 Dual Ethernet Base Board On-board M.2 E KEY interface

 Note: Do not include Raspberry Pi CM4, Please Buy alone.


  • CM4 WIFI6 Dual Ethernet Base For CM4, Powerful Ethernet Capability, Suitable For Evaluating The Raspberry Pi CM4 Or Being Integrated Into End Products.


  • CM4 card seat: All versions suitable for Compute Module 4
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 interface × 1; 100M Ethernet RJ45 interface × 1
  • USB: USB 2.0 interface × 3
  • Pcie: m.2 e key
  • Connector: Raspberry Pi 40pin GPIO interface
  • Display: MIPI DSI interface (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
  • Camera: MIPI CSI-2 interface × 2 (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
  • Video: HDMI interface × 2, support 4K 30FPS output
  • Real time clock: the ability to bring a battery interface and awakened Compute Module 4
  • Storage: Drive Micro SD card slot (suitable for versions without EMMC)
  • Fan interface: 5V/12V, does not support speed adjustment speed measurement
  • Power input: 7V ~ 36V wide voltage voltage
  • Size: 109.0 × 91.5mm

Working With compute module 4 motherboard

CM4 connector with 40Pin GPIO interface and standard CM4 connector

Support access to Compute Module 4 Lite/EMMC series motherboard

This product does not contain CM4 and WIFI modules in the graph

Onboard M.2 E Key interface

Support WiFi module access, support wireless network cards such as AX200, AX210

Network card parameter comparison

Dual Ethernet RJ45 interface


More abundant interfaces

Application example

Suitable for the application or other industrial occasions that are suitable for multi -function peripheral requirements

This product does not contain CM4, display, WIFI modules and cameras in the graph

Resource introduction

  • 1: CM4 connector: all versions for compute module 4
  • 2: 40pin GPIO interface: convenient to connect various HAT modules
  • 3: RJ45 Gigabit Network Port: Support 10/100/1000M network access
  • 4: RJ45 Hundred Zha Diang.com: Support 10/100 network access
  • 5: USB 2.0 interface: 3 Road USB 2.0 interface, supports various USB devices insertion
  • 6: M.2 E Key card slot: support access WIFI module
  • 7: HDMI interface: dual -road HDMI interface, support dual 4K 30FPS output
  • 8: RTC battery connection seat: accessable CR1220 button battery
  • 9: CAM interface: dual -road MIPI CSI camera interface
  • 10: DC power supply interface: 7 ~ 36V DC wide voltage supply power supply
  • 11: Double LED lamp holder:
  • ------ Red Lantern: Raspberry Pi Power Source indicator
  • ------ Green Lantern: Status Lights of Rasalbora Pai Work Status
  • 12: Micro SD card slot: Micro SD card used to access the system to start the Compute Module 4 Lite
  • 13: FAN interface: easy to access the heat dissipation fan, does not support speed regulation and speed measurement
  • 14: Disp1 interface: MIPI DSI display interface
  • 15: USB SLAVE Interface: Compute Module 4 EMMC version can be recorded by this interface to burn the system mirror
  • 16: RTL8152B: 10/100M Ethernet chip

  • 17: Fe2.1S: USB 2.0 Hub
  • 18: System function switching
  • ------ BT-DIS: Bluetooth disable, for CM4 version with antenna
  • ------ WiFi-DIS: WiFi disable, for CM4 version with antenna, use
  • ------ WP-DIS: Prevent Eeprom is rewritten
  • 19: IO-VREF selection: CM4 IO logic voltage switch 3.3V (default) or 1.8V
  • 20: FAN power supply selection: 12V (default) or 5V voltage driver fan
  • 21: RTC interrupt pipe switching
  • ------ PI-RUN: RTC trigger interrupt CM4 restart
  • ------ GN-En: RTC trigger interrupt CM4 power off
  • ------ D4: RTC trigger interrupt D4 tube foot (default)
  • 22: RTC/FAN I2C bus selection
  • ------ SDA0/SCL0: I2C-10 and CSI/DSI shared
  • ------ GPIO3/2: I2C-1 and 40pin shared (default)
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