Raspberry Pi CM4-IO-BASE-B User Guide


This is an IO board for evaluating the Raspberry Pi CM4 or being integrated into end products. the board feature PoE function, it can be used for all variants of CM4.

Precautions for use

1: FAN fans only support 5V fans. 12V is not supported. Confirm the fan voltage before connecting.
2: The DSI display interface is the DSI0 interface, and the DSI1 display interface is not connected.
3: Type C interface can be used for power supply or USB SLAVE interface for burning image.
4: In order to ensure the normal power supply of CM4, please do not connect other devices when using the Type C interface to burn the image.
5: When CM4 is in normal use, it needs to provide 5V 2A power supply for CM4. Otherwise, problems such as automatic shutdown, frequency reduction, etc. may occur.
6: When using the M.2 interface, please use the matching screws. Using screws of other lengths may cause the CM4 core to be damaged by the screws.
7: The module does not have any protection, please do not short-circuit the power supply.



Compute_Module 4 Core board

What's on board

1CM4 connectorSuitable for all variants of Compute Module 4
2DC power supply/programming interface5V/2.5A power supply, also can be used as eMMC programming interface
3DISP InterfaceMIPI DSI Display interface
4FAN InterfaceConvenient access to the cooling fan, support speed regulation and speed measurement
5CAM InterfaceDual MIPI CSI camera interface
6HDMI0 InterfaceHDMI Interface,Support 4K 30fps output
7USB 2.0 Interface2-channel USB 2.0 Interface, support various USB device insertion
8Gigabit EthernetRJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, support 10/100 / 1000M network access
9M.2 indicatorsIndicates the working status of the interface
10ACT indicatorsRaspberry Pi operating statusindicator
11PWR indicatorsRaspberry Pi power indicator
12BOOTJumper cap connection:CM4 USB Type C Boot
Jumper cap is not connected: eMMC and SD card Boot
1340PIN GPIO InterfaceConveniently connect various HAT modules
14Micro SD Card interfaceUsed to connect to the Micro SD card with system, only for Lite version
15HDMI1 interfaceHDMI1 Interface,Support 4K 30fps output
16USB 2.0 interfaceUSB 2.0 Cable interface, connected through the adapter board
17FE1.1SUSB HUB chip, USB Interface 1 expand 4
18M.2 InterfaceSuitable for NVIE solid state drives, or communication modules that support PCIE M.2 interface
19RTCSupport RTC wake up, shutdown, restart, or other functions
20RTC interrupt pin switchPI-RUN: RTC trigger interrupt CM4 restart
GN-EN: RTC trigger interrupt CM4 shutdown
D4: RTC trigger interrupt D4 pin trigger
21EMC2301Fan controller, control fan speed, measure fan speed
22RTC Battery connectorCan be connected to CR1220 button battery
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