JLINK Simulator Downloader V8 V9 V10 V11 Programmer for STM32 ARM Development board


Part Number:JLINK-V9

Date:2021/05/25 17:12

JLINK Simulator Downloader  V8 V9 V10 V11 Programmer for STM32 ARM Development board

V9 Emulator Features:

  • The main control chip adopts STM32F205, without losing the firmware, and the hardware is upgraded to version V9.4.
  • It can provide 3.3V voltage 0.8A current for the development board (pin 2).
  • Support standard JTAG interface and 2-wire SWD debugging interface. The speed can reach 20M(JTAG)/15M(SWD) per second.
  • Support debugging of all ARM chips, support MDK or IAR, and other standard-supported compilation environment IDE.
  • Original firmware, automatic firmware upgrade.
  • Immersion gold technology, comparable to the original one.

V9 and V8 Difference :

  • The speed is different: V8 supports up to 10M (JTAG debugging mode)/4M (SDW debugging mode), while V9 supports up to 20M (JTAG debugging mode)/15M (SDW debugging mode).
  • Different stability: The driver IC of V9 has voltage self-adapting ability, and automatically adapts to the cpu voltage of the target board when the wiring is correct. The 1.8-5.5V cpu can be debugged, while the V8 version can only debug the 3.3v version of the cpu, while debugging 5vcpu has poor stability.
  • Some new CPUs are no longer supported by V8, while V9 supports almost all ARM CPUs.