Raspberry Pi RGB LCD and VGA driver board DPI driver


Part Number:RPi RGB AND VGA Board

Date:2020/08/22 16:55

Raspberry Pi RGB LCD and VGA driver board DPI driver 5 inch 7 inch 10.1 inch


  • Support Raspberry Pi
  • Support Raspbian OS
  • Driver Board: 
    1.Support VGA display(VGA monitor can not work together with RGB LCD)
    2.Support 5 inch (40PIN LCD),7 inch(50PIN LCD) ,10.1 inch(50PIN LCD)
50Pin RGB LCD (7inch/10.1inch LCD)40Pin RGB LCD(5inch LCD)
1LED A - (LED Anode) 1LED K - (LED Cathode)  
2LED A - (LED Anode) 2LED A - (LED Anode) 
3LED K - (LED Cathode)  3GND - (Digital Ground)  
4LED K - (LED Cathode)  4DVDD - (Digital Power)
5GND - (Digital Ground)  5-28R0~R7/G0~G7/B0~B7 - (Red/Green/Blue) 
6VCOM - (VCOM DC input)  29GND - (Digital Ground)  
7DVDD - (Digital Power)30DCLK - (Clock input)
9DE - (Data enable signal)32HSYNC - (Horizontal sync input) 
10VSYNC - (Vertical sync input) 33VSYNC - (Vertical sync input) 
11HSYNC - (Horizontal sync input) 34DE - (Data enable signal)
12~35B7~B0/G7~G0/R7~R0 - (Blue/Green/Red)35NC - (Not connect) 
36GND - (Digital Ground)36GND - (Digital Ground)  
37DCLK - (Clock input)37NC - (Not connect) 
38GND - (Digital Ground)38NC - (Not connect) 
39L/R - (Source right or left) 39NC - (Not connect) 
40U/D - (Gate up or down)   40NC - (Not connect) 
41VGH - (Positive Power)     
42VGL - (Negative Power for TFT)   
43AVDD - (Analog Power)   
44RSTB - (Global reset pin)   
45NC - (Not connect)   
46VCOM - (For external VCOM DC input)   
47DITHB - (Dithering setting)   
48GND - (Digital Ground)   
49~50NC - (Not connect   


Do not include Raspberry Pi