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Milk-V Duo S 512MB SG2000 RISC V Linux Board Top-Version-Milk-V-Duo Option WiFi / EMMC-8G / POE


Date:2024-03-18 13:23
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More powerful than othersDual Core RISC-V CPU up to 1Ghz

Dual MIPI CSI with ISP,Support 2L+2L MIPI CSI 5M@30fps

Runs Linux and RTOSSimultaneously

Version Differences

[] Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-Basic: Entry version, no eMMC, no WIFI

[] Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-WIFI: without eMMC, with WIFI

[] Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-eMMC: with eMMC-8G, without WIFI

[] Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-WIFI-eMMC: Top version, With eMMC-8G, With WIFI (Buy Extra POE Board Can active POE Power Function )


[] Milk-V Duo S is an upgraded model of Duo with an upgraded SG2000 master with a larger 512MB RAM and extended IO capability

[] Onboard WI-FI6/BT5(Model Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-Basic/Milk-V-Duo-S-512M-eMMC does not have this function)

[] USB 2.0 HOST port

[] 100 Mbps Ethernet Portwith PoE Support (via PoE HAT)

[] Dual MIPI CSI with ISP

[] The device also supports switch between RISC-V and ARM boot via a switch


[] Duo S has enhanced features and is more suitable for a variety of scenarios with more complex project development needs.