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DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano-Collect Data

Guides of DonkeyCar

Collect data

  • Practice driving around the track a couple times.
  • When you're confident you can drive 10 laps without mistake, restart the python mange.py process to create a new tub session. Press Start Recording if using web controller. The joystick will auto record with any non-zero throttle.
  • If you crash or run off the track press Stop Car immediately to stop recording. If you are using a joystick tap the Triangle button to erase the last 5 seconds of records.
  • After you've collected 10-20 laps of good data (5-20k images) you can stop your car with Ctrl-c in the ssh session for your car.
  • The data you've collected is in the data folder in the most recent tub folder.