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ESP32C3-1.44 User Guide

Install Case Video

IOS Give WIFI to Moudle

Android Give WIFI to Moudle

Data download

[]schematic diagramSchematic

[]program packageESP32C3_1.44inch


1】Build Compilation Environment

2】Download package:ESP32C3_1.44inch
3】Third party library file configuration (Choose one of methods 1 or 2)

Method 1

Method 2 (We Recommend this method)

4】Enter the mainapp project,Change to your own WIFI name and password within '' 

5】Compilation environment configuration parameters

6】After the modifications are completed, you can configure parameter compilation

7】Compiled effect

8】Tutorial on Replacing Middle Rotation Symbols

8.1】Crop corresponding GIF pixels

Online website: https://ezgif.com/resize

Crop to 30 * 31 pixels

8.2】Convert GIF files to. c files

Online Image Converter Website: https://lvgl.io/tools/imageconverter

Enter the website to configure the corresponding settings

8.3】Copy the obtained xm.c file to the miniapp folder

8.4】Change the TKR_A in the miniapp. ino code to xm (change to your own name), there are two TKR_A instances in the project

8.5】Click to upload