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 Note1: Just can work at Windows

 Note2: The LCD screen just can show the data of CPU, RAM, HDD, time and so on, It Can not display windows desktop which mean it can not play video or display the web


  • Easy to Connect: 
  • ------Just need to connect this secondary screen
  • to the computers by a USB cable to use,
  • which is convenient to finish install
  • Multiple Monitoring: 
  • ------This screen will show the data of CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, time and date
  • There are a lot of templates for selection
  • Support 360°rotation, horizontal and vertical screen switching
  • The screen will automatic trun off after the computers shut down


  • CPU: temperature, main frequency, usage rate
  • Graphics Card: Temperature, video memory, Usage
  • Memory: used memory, usage rate
  • Hard Disk: Temperature, Space Usage
  • Network: upload speed, download speed
  • Others: date, time, volume, weather forecast

There are a lot of templates for selection

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