RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B) User Guide


  • An RS232/485/422 device data collector/IoT gateway specially designed for industrial environment applications,
  • It has multiple functions such as serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, and RS485 to JSON.
  • With RS232/485/422 and Ethernet interface with PoE function, it adopts outer diameter 5.5mm,
  • The power interface with an inner diameter of 21mm is connected to the terminal type power supply,
  • and the rail type shell design is small in size and easy to install.
  • High cost performance, suitable for data acquisition, IoT gateway,
  • security IoT and smart instrument monitoring and other fields.


  • Model: RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B)
  • Product Type: Serial Server, Modbus Gateway, MQTT Gateway
  • Basic functions: Realize RS232/485/422 to Ethernet two-way transparent transmission function
  • Communication interface: RS232/485/422 × 1, network port × 1
  • Power supply mode: terminal block DC 6~36V or PoE network port
  • Isolation protection: power isolation, signal isolation protection
  • Communication Interface
  • Ethernet:
  • ------PoE network port, support IEEE 802.3af standard
  • ------10 / 100M self-adaptive RJ45 interface, 2 KV surge protection
  • Serial: Isolated RS232/485/422
  • Serial parameters
  • Baud rate: 300 ~ 115200 bps
  • Parity: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
  • Data bits: 5 ~ 9 bits
  • Flow Control: No Flow Control
  • Software
  • Configuration method: PC configuration, WEB browser, device management function library
  • Communication method: TCP/IP direct communication, virtual serial port method
  • Working mode: TCP server, TCP client (TCP server also coexists at the same time), UDP, UDP multicast
  • Other
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
  • Humidity range: 5% ~ 95% relative humidity
  • Product Dimensions: L × W × H: 88.7 × 64.5 × 24.2 mm

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Part Number: RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B)
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