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Raspberry Pi Pico interface external expansion board


Date:2021-09-06 14:56
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Raspberry Pi Pico interface external expansion board

Raspberry Pi Pico To HAT 

1 set of Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO interface; 1 set of Raspberry Pi Pico interface 

Features At A Glance
  • Based on the Raspberry Pi Pico interface design, it can be inserted directly after soldering the pin headers, or connected via a flat cable
  • TOne set of Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO interface and one set of Raspberry Pi Pico interface are extended to facilitate access to Raspberry Pi HAT expansion board and Pico expansion board, compatible with more expansion boards
  • Onboard USB external power supply interface, no longer worry about insufficient power after connecting multiple boards
  • Lead out the RESET button to facilitate product debugging
  • Clear pin function silkscreens are marked on the front to facilitate wiring use
  • Immersion gold craft, elegant appearance 
Raspberry Pi Pico Header Compatibility

Suitable for Raspberry Pi Pico series motherboards 

Application example of external interface 

Convenient access to the Raspberry Pi expansion board for various experiments
Note: Before connecting different expansion boards, check whether the pins of the expansion boards conflict with each other 

Please make sure there are no pin conflicts between the modules you want to use together before connecting.
Raspberry Pi Pico and expansion modules are NOT included.
Immersion Gold Process

Black Base Panel, White Pinout Labels, Golden Rounded Outline, Stunning Aesthetic

Outline Dimensions