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Raspberry Pi Zero W UPS Lite Power Supply Board Power Battery power i2c MAX17040G indicator


Date:2020-09-23 16:30
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Update: UPS-Lite V1.2 Removed the common serial port function, Optimized battery feed circuit, Ultra-low break over electronic resistanceMOSThe tube power supply control, To improve the battery life.


  • UPS-LiteIt is specially designed for Raspberry PizeroDesign ofUPSPower supply, the board integrates Voltameter chip (MAX17040G) And a piece1000mAhPolymer lithium battery, The installation method of thimble is adopted.
  • (PS: Standby time test boardCPUThe actual computation, Influence of environmental temperature and other factors, The results of standby time test here are for reference only)
  • The charging current: 400mA
  • Output voltage: 5.1V ±0.1V
  • Output Current: 1.3A@5V (Unplugged the external adapter, Under the condition of only using battery power)
  • 2A@5V (When an external adapter is inserted)
  • The electrical quantity measurement accuracy: Error±2%


Do not include Raspberry Pi