OpenNCC Programmable AI Camera Kit, 3872 × 2180 Pixels, OpenVINO IR Models Support


Part Number:OpenNCC-Knight-4G8M

Date:2020/09/12 10:54

OpenNCC Programmable AI Camera Kit, 3872 × 2180 Pixels, OpenVINO IR Models Support, Small Form Factor


OpenNCC Camera Developer Kit

Swift Changeable "Brain", Endless Possibilities Of The AI Camera

This OpenNCC camera developer kit is a simple and easy-to-learn AI camera, which adopts standard industrial camera design. It is small and elegant, easy to use and integrate. Rich camera development pack and technical documents are provided for secondary development. It supports various deep learning frameworks, supports C / C++ / Python, as well as OpenNCC View open source. Put on this "ballet pump" for your algorithm, make it to be shining on the stage!

Performance4TFlops (Max)
Model supportall of the OpenVINO models
Framework supportONNX, TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet, Kaldi
Image signal processsupported
Open source resourcescamera development pack OpenNCC CDK, technical documents,
configuration tool OpenNCC View
Language supportC / C++ / Python
SDK functions1. retrieving video stream
2. AI models download and change
3. obtain model operation result
4. camera take photos, reset, etc.
OpenView functionsconfigure camera setting, configure camera local AI model
OpenNCC CDK OS supportLinux and windows
OpenNCC View OS supportLinux
Dimensions50 × 50 × 55mm
Weightcamera net weight 140g
VPUIntel Movidius Myriad X MV2085
Operating temperature0-50℃
Data portUSB Type-C 2.0/3.0
Power supply5V / 2A
Camera module8MP visible light module
Resolution3872 × 2180
Frame rate30Hz
Horizontal FOV58°
HD Image Output

3872 × 2180 HD Resolution, With Image Pre-Processing Function
Video Output Formats Including YUV, H.264, H.265, MJPEG

Freely Changeable AI Models

OpenNCC Allows The Camera To Freely Change Local OpenVINO IR Models
Make It Easy To Enable Functions Like Face Detection, Object Detection, Skeleton Detection

Intel AI Chip Inside

Integrates Intel AI Chip Which Is Compatible With All Of The OpenVINO IR Models
Via The OpenNCC View Tool

Flexible Stand

Allows Height Adjustment And 360° Rotation

USB Plug-And-Play

Make Your Own Changeable AI Camera Quickly And Easily
Just Plug It Onto The Computer Through A USB-C Cable To Start Development

Aluminum Alloy Body

Aluminum Alloy Material With Modern Space Grey Finish
Robust, Nice Looking, Wear-Proof, Corrosion-Proof

Host Environment

Ubuntu16.04, Ubuntu18.04, Raspberry Pi, Arm Linux (Tool Chain Required For Cross Compiling)

Raspberry Pi in the photo is NOT included.
Outline Dimensions