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Raspberry Pi Zero 2W 7inch LCD DIY Tablet Touch Screen Display RJ45 USB HUB for Banana pi Zero


Date:2022-11-25 10:18
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Raspberry Pi Zero 2W 7inch LCD Capacitive Touch Screen Display 1024x600 / 1280x720 with Audio Module for Banana pi M2 Zero


  • Do not include Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and Banana pi M2 Zero, Please Buy alone.  
  • Bundle: RPI-xxx-xxx is for Raspberry Pi Zero ,  Not for Banana pi Zero
  • Bundle: BPI-xxx-xxx is for Banana Pi Zero ,  Not for Raspberry pi Zero
  • Bundle: xxx-xxx-No Case  will not include Case
  • Bundle: xxx-No Touch-xxx will not include Touch Function


  • To make your zero to work , You need much modules , Such as a display , a USB HUB , a USB TO RJ45 , A buzzer . 
  • Now we make them together, You do not need So many modules
  • And it will be More Beautiful and Simplicity . It will make your zero to become a real tablet PC


  • 7inch display with capacitive touch panel (Bundle: xxx-No Touch-xxx will not include Touch Function)
  • RPi version Resolution 1024x600
  • BPI version Resolution 1280x720
  • LCD With Audio Module
  • LCD Viewing Angle: 170°
  • Zero can be easily attached via specially designed connectors
  • Onboard 2-ch USB ports, compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 transmission
  • Onboard RTL8152B Ethernet chip, support 1-ch RJ45 Ethernet port, 10 / 100 M adaptive
  • Onboard Type C power
  • Onboard Earphone jack
  • LCD With Key OSD Adjustment function (Can Adjust Backlight, Voice and so on)

   Device & System Support

  • RPI version just Supports Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero 2w
  • BPI version just Supports Banana pi M2 Zero

   Connection Examples

  • Working With Raspberry Pi Zero 2w

  • Working With Banana pi M2 Zero

   Touch Control