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Raspberry Pi IMX462 99/127 IR CUT Camera Starlight Camera Sensor Onboard ISP Fixed Focus 2MP


Date:2022-08-04 13:14
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Raspberry Pi IMX462-99/127 IR-CUT Camera Starlight Camera Sensor Onboard ISP Fixed-Focus 2MP for Jetson Nano

Note: Do not include Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano, Please Buy alone.


Onboard 1/2.8 inch Sony starlight camera sensor, 

IMX462 2MP Starlight Camera adopts back-illuminated pixel technology, 

which can realize high-quality imaging in visible light and near-infrared band. 

Onboard IR-CUT, IXM462 2MP Starlight Camera 

can be switched to day or night mode freely with the resolution up to 1920 x 1080. 

With ISP, the camera has a better imaging effect. 

Also, we provide 99° and 127° field of view options, 

you can choose according to your needs.


  • SENSOR: IMX462-127 / IMX462-99
  • CMOS SIZE: 1/2.8 inch
  • PIXELS 2MP: (1920 x 1080)
  • CAMERA TYPE: Color
  • FOCUSING: Fixed focus
  • SHUTTER: Rolling Shutter
  • IMX462-127
  • APERTURE: F1.61
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 3.18mm
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 127.9°
  • DISTORTION: < -51%
  • IMX462-99
  • APERTURE: F1.0
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 4.0mm
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 99.1°
  • DISTORTION: < -33.8%

   Device Support

  • Raspberry Pi series
  • Supports 4B / 3B+ / 3A+ / Zero / Zero 2 W
  • CM3/3+/4 (extra adapter board required)  
  • Jetson Nano
  • Supports Jetson Nano developer kit

Starlight Camera

Clear Imaging Even In Low Light Conditions

Built-In IR-CUT

Correct Color Deviation Of Infrared Camera During The Daytime, Better Imaging Effect

Onboard ISP

Integrated Image Signal Processing Circuit, Clearer Imaging Effect

Working With Raspberry Pi

Direct Connect To Raspberry Pi Different Variants Including 4B/3B+/3A+/3B/2B/B+/A+,
Extra FPC Cable Is Required For Zero / Zero 2 W Series

  • for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4B and 2W are NOT included.
  • Specific driver is required for Raspberry Pi to use the IMX462 camera.
Working With Jetson Nano

Direct Connect To Jetson Nano Developer Kit

for reference only, Jetson Nano Developer Kit is NOT included.
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