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Raspberry Pi 5 PoE HAT Power over Ethernet 802.3af Moudle for Pi5


Date:2023-12-25 19:44
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Raspberry Pi 5 PoE HAT Power over Ethernet 802.3af Moudle for Pi5


[] Not include Raspberry Pi 5.


[] A Power over Ethernet (PoE) expansion board suitable for Raspberry Pi 5, which supports IEEE 802.3af/at network standard. It is suitable for use with PoE routers or switches supporting IEEE 802.3af/at network standards, and only one network cable is needed to connect the Raspberry Pi to the network and supply power.

[] Based on Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO interface, it is suitable for Raspberry Pi 5.

[] supports PoE Ethernet power supply and IEEE 802.3af/at PoE network standard.

[] Fully isolated switch mode power supply (SMPS) is adopted.

[] On-board high-speed active cooling fan and equipped with metal fins to accelerate heat dissipation.


[] PoE power input: 37V ~ 57V DC input.

[] Power output:

[] GPIO pin arrangement: 5V 4.5A (MAX)

[] 2P needle arrangement: 12V 2A (MAX)

[] Product size: 56.5× 70.0mm.

[] network standard: supporting IEEE 802.3af/at PoE.

For Use With Raspberry Pi 5

[] Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO Stackable Header, Allows Connecting Other HATs

Power Over Ethernet

[] Providing Both Network Connection And Power Supply For Your Raspberry Pi In One Cable

[] Raspberry Pi or PoE equipment is NOT included.

Onboard power supply interface

[] 5V USB-A Provides Up To 4A Output (MAX 25W For 12V+5V Total Output Power)

[] Be Able To Power Extra Device While Providing Stable Power To Raspberry Pi

Active Cooling Fan

Onboard MP8759GD Buck Chip

Installation introduction

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