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Image Extraction


When developing an embedded microcontroller, you need to use LCD/OLED to display a picture. The most direct and simple way is to use corresponding tools to convert the picture into corresponding data points (actually a 2-dimensional array), and then you can use the corresponding code to display the array on the LCD/OLED display by sequence.


1. Click Image2Lcd2.9.zip to download the tool.
2. Double-click to enter the interface.

3. Open the image that needs to be extracted. (Here we take a 1.47inch LCD Module as an example.)

  • Parameter setting
Output data type: C array (*.c)
Scan mode: vertical
Output grayscale: 16-bit true color
Maximum width and height (set according to the actual aspect ratio of the image): 172x320
Output image adjustment: the default setting is fine, if you need color inversion, check Color Inversion
Click 16-bit color: color bits -> RGB565, order of colors -> RGB

4. Save the setting.

  • The path and name are set by the user.
  • The file type is .c file.
  • After saving, an array will be generated, after ctrl+A selects all:

  • Copy it to the "Image. c" file.

  • In Image. h:

  • Finally, call the main function and map it to the screen.

The effect is shown below: