High Speed AI Racing Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B, Supports DonkeyCar Project


Part Number:PiRacer Pro AI Kit

Date:2020/10/27 14:49

PiRacer Pro, High Speed AI Racing Robot Powered by 
Raspberry Pi 4, Supports DonkeyCar Project, Pro Version

DonkeyCar Open Source Project

Deep Learning Self Driving Car

Based On DonkeyCar Open Source Project. The DonkeyCar Utilizes Deep Learning Neural Network Framework Keras/TensorFlow, Together With Computer Vision Library OpenCV, To Achieve Self Driving.


PiRacer Pro AI Kit Is Based On Google’s Open Source Deep Learning Neural Network Study Framework TensorFlow, And Developed In Python - One Of The Most Popular Programming Language.

Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving
Chassis Structure
PiRacer Pro Expansion Board Highly Integrated

Rechargeable, Battery Voltage Monitor, No Messy Wiring, Simple Assembly

5MP 160° FOV Camera

OV5647 High Quality Sensor

Multiple Teleoperation Method
Extra Free Track Map

Delivered With 3m×2m Large Size Track Map For Your Convenience