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AIR32F103CCT6 Demo Board/Chip Software&Hardware full Compatible with STM32


Date:2023-05-23 10:21
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AIR32F103CCT6 Demo-Board/Chip Software&Hardware full Compatible with STM32


[] What is the STM32 core board?

-The STM32 core board, also known as the BluePill small blue board, is based on the ARM Cortex M3 microprocessor, compatible with Arduino features, more powerful, and affordable. It is an entry-level development board for many engineers.

-The STM32 BluePill note has 227000 search results on Baidu and 754000 related entries on Google, indicating the popularity of the STM32 core board

[] Why choose AIR32 Demo Board?

-Rich learning resources:

Fully compatible with STM32 small blue board, the definition of peripheral package pin is completely consistent, and the mainstream development tool&software library is universal

-Stronger hardware resources:

40nm manufacturing process

The main frequency supports 216MHz, up to 256MHz, three times the original F103

RAM upgrade to 96KB, 5 times the original F103

Reduced power consumption to 40% of STM32

-More thoughtful detail design:

Single sided patch for easy insertion into other devices

Micro USB changed to Type-C interface, both forward and backward blind insertion works

Add silk screen on both front and back pins for easy wiring

Gold sinking process, lead-free and more environmentally friendly

Hardware resource comparison

Pin Definition

Outline Dimensions