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BIGTREETECH CB1 Core Board Port and Size Compatible Raspberry Pi Compute module 4 CM4


Date:2022-11-30 09:53
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Raspberry Pi Compute module 4 CM4 to Pi4 Adapter expansion board CB1 To Replace Raspberry Pi 4B Compatible with Pi4 Size


  • Do not include Raspberry Pi CM4 Board.

  • BIGTREETECH CB1 Core Board can not run Raspberry Pi OS, You just can run BIGTREETECH CB1 OS.

  • CB1 Core Board do not support DSI Display and CSI Camera port.


  • Onboard standard CM4 connector, Quad Core Cortex-A53@1.5GHz 64-bit processor,
    1GB DDR3RAM, more powerful performance.
    Run Linux system efficiently, support Debian, and programmable.
  • PI4B Adapter + CB1, Performance is close to Raspberry Pi 3B, cost-effective,
    can be a low-cost choice for 3D printer users who use ordinary motherboards to run Klipper.
  • PI4B Adapter Compatible with the interfaces of Pi4B,
    PI4B Adapter with CM4 installed can be used as To Replace Raspberry Pi 4B.


  • PI4B Adapter
  • Power input: Type-C5±0.25V
  • Supported module types: BIGTREETECH CB series, Raspberry Pi CM4 modules of various versions
  • Interface support: Micro HDMIx2, USB 2.0x4, RJ45, CSI, DSI, Micro SD, etc.
  • CB1
  • CPU: Allwinner H616, quad-core Cortex-A53@1.5GHz
  • GPU: MaliG31MP2, support OpenGL3.2
  • Display: HDMI2.0A output, support 4K display
  • USB: 2.0
  • Network support: 100M Ethernet + 100M WiFi
  • *CB1 does not support DSI/CSI output.

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