RS232/RS485/RS422 to LoRa SX1262 Rail-type data transmission terminal DTU for Sub-GHz LF/HF frequenc


Part Number:SX1262-LoRa-DTU-LF / HF

Date:2022/11/22 12:56

RS232/RS485/RS422 to LoRa Rail-type data transmission terminal DTU for Sub-GHz LF/HF frequency band


  • This product is a wireless data transmission terminal based on the RS232,
    RS485 and RS422 interfaces of the SX1262 module.
  • Using LoRa modulation and demodulation technology, it has the
    characteristics of strong anti-interference and long-distance
    communication, and the communication distance can reach 5KM.
  • Support point-to-point, point-to-multiple, relay networking,
    AES encryption and other communication methods, small size, easy installation,
  • Standard or non-standard user protocol wireless
    data transmission and device control for industrial control.
  • Using LoRa modulation and demodulation technology,
    it has anti-interference and long-distance communication characteristics
  • Using the original SX1262 solution, with -148dBm receiving sensitivity and 22dBm transmitting power
  • Support preamble detection, with CRC, automatic subpacket, 960 byte cache function
  • Support LBT transmission, RSSI output, AT command set setting
  • Support AES encrypted communication to ensure the security of data transmission
  • Support multi-level relay networking to increase the wireless communication distance
  • Support host computer configuration and firmware upgrade,
    and support custom firmware for large quantities
  • Use high-quality components such as TCXO to work stably under harsh conditions
  • Provide a complete supporting manual


  • Communication Interface
  • Interface type: Terminal block: RS485 × 1, RS422 × 1
  • ------DB9 Male: RS232 × 1
  • ------SMA-KE female socket: 6dBi omnidirectional antenna × 1
  • RS485: anti-surge, over-current protection (reserve 120R balance resistor header)
  • RS232: TVS tube protection, surge and anti-static protection
  • RS422: anti-surge, over-current protection (reserve 120R balance resistor header)
  • Wireless parameters
  • Frequency band: Sub-GHz (410~510MHz, 850~930MHz)
  • Signal modulation: LoRa
  • Encryption type: AES
  • Transmitting power: +22dBm Max
  • Receiving sensitivity: -148dBm
  • Serial parameters
  • Baud rate: 1200 ~ 115200bps
  • Parity bit: none, odd parity, even parity
  • Data bits: 8 ~ 9 bits
  • Flow control: no flow control
  • Environmental requirements
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 85°C
  • Humidity range: 5% ~ 95% relative humidity
  • Other
  • Power supply: terminal 6 ~ 28V or DC 12V, overcurrent and overvoltage anti-reverse connection protection
  • Case: aluminum alloy frosted Case
  • Dimensions: 77.0 × 24.0 × 64.2mm

   Applicable people

  • SX1262-LoRa-DTU-HF
  • HF version frequency is 850 ~ 930MHz
  • Applicable to Europe, America and Oceania

  • SX1262-LoRa-DTU-LF
  • LF version frequency is 410 ~ 510MHz
  • Applicable to Asia-Europe region

  • Please select the frequency version according to the local radio management regulations

Basic functions

Support RS232 / RS485 / RS422 to LoRa

Note: It does not support RS232, RS485, RS422 to LoRa at the same time,

And the RS232, RS485, RS422 of the same LoRa cannot be converted to each other

Rail LoRa Data Transmission Terminal

Industrial grade guide rail design, small size, easy installation, high cost performance

LoRa spread spectrum technology

LoRa Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) and Frequency Hopping (FHSS) technology makes long-distance communication and anti-jamming performance several times higher than traditional communication, and is widely used in military and industrial communication fields

Support multiple communication modes

Various transmission methods can be realized by software

Relay networking

The radio station can realize multi-level relay networking, which is suitable for ultra-long-distance or complex environment networking communication, and multiple groups of networks can run simultaneously in the same area

AT command mode

Users can query the current status of the module or set related parameters by sending AT commands

AES encrypted communication

The key can be writable but not readable, and the normal communication between devices with the same key that starts encrypted transmission improves security

Listen Before Talk (LBT)

launch monitor

The module actively monitors the environmental noise of the channel before sending. If the noise exceeds the threshold, the sending will be delayed. This function can improve the communication success rate of the module in harsh environments, and can be used for network transmission and anti-collision processing

RSSI signal strength

That is, the signal strength indicator function, the module supports serial port output of packet signal strength, which can be used to evaluate signal quality, improve communication network, and distance measurement; the module supports serial port output of environmental noise signal strength, which can be used to manually realize LBT function

Equipped with high-quality components

It provides a guarantee for the stable performance of the communication module

Temperature Compensate X'tal (crystal) Oscillator

Ensure that the working frequency of the module does not shift for a long time, adapting to the harsh industrial high and low temperature environment

Multiple protections, safe and stable

TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression Tube) can effectively suppress the surge voltage and transient peak voltage in the circuit, lightning protection and anti-static, self-recovery fuse and protection diode can ensure stable output of current and voltage, prevent over-current and over-voltage, improve Impact resistance

Aluminum Alloy Frosted Case

The Caseis made of aluminum alloy and has been oxidized and frosted

Strong and durable, better appearance and feel

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