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Raspberry Pi 4B Custom Made Protector Cooling Film Graphene + Thermally conductive silicone


Date:2022-07-20 18:03
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Raspberry Pi 4B Custom-Made Protector Cooling Film Graphene + Thermally conductive silicone Better than Heatsink or Case 

Note1: Do not include Raspberry Pi, Please Buy alone.

Note2: Graphene Film is damaged easily when you are installing it to Rraspberry Pi

Note3: If any damaged or broken are caused by youself when you are installing,We will not give back money or re-ship


The Graphene has good electromagnetic anti-interference performance

The Graphene and thermally conductive silicone have good thermal conductivity

The Graphene  is commonly used for heat dissipation of mobile phones and laptops

The 2.5mm thick silicone pad can effectively protect various impacts

The Silicone pads are non-conductive to prevent electrostatic damage


  • The bending position has been pre-cut with dotted lines. 
  • It is convenient for bending. More humanized

Add protection But not add the RPi4B 's bottom total thickness

The thickness of the Silicone pad

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Recommend 1

Recommend to cut off like the Above picture by your knif If you want a LED display and Do not want that WIFI signal is weakened by the Graphene

Recommend 2

If The Thermally conductive silicone sheet have a little bigger than the Graphene film which caused by Size or installation Accuracy
For more beautiful , You can cut off the extra size by a knife