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Sipeed Maix Bit RISC-V AI+lOT K210 Development Board


Date:2024-06-04 16:27
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Sipeed MaixBit RISC-V AI+lOTK210 in-line breadboard development Kit, the MaixBit development board is a member of SiPEED's Maix product line. An AIOT development board based on the edge intelligent computing chip K210 (RISC-v architecture 64-bit dual-core) designed by Kanankan Technology. The development board design is small and compact, the on-board Type-C interface and USB-UART circuit, the user can directly connect the computer through the USB Type-C cable for development, configure 128Mbit Flash, LCD, DVP, Micro SD card and other interfaces and lead out all the IO, convenient for user expansion.