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Raspberry Pi ZERO W expansion board GPIO HAT DIY Proto HAT Shield


Date:2021-07-17 13:31
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Raspberry Pi ZERO W  expansion board GPIO HAT DIY Proto HAT Shield 


Protozero is a breadboard-style prototype board for the new Raspberry Pi zero (also the first kickstarter campaign based on pi zero). It is designed to facilitate you to move the messy Raspberry Pi breadboard to the PCB. Just add your components to the prototype area, connect the GPIO, power supply and GND requirements and solder them together.

The function completely breaks through Pi zero’s 40-pin GPIO header, ready to be connected to the 154-hole prototype area of your project-set in Lane 3+ to make it easier to connect your components to the Pilabled GPIO number and print the lane on the wooden board. High-quality ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) platform GPIO headers include the only assembly involved in soldering GPIO headers. Make sure that the title is mounted on the printed circuit board and the main ‘zero’ text is like on the bottom.


Note: This product does not contain Raspberry Pi ZERO!