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USB Temperature Humidity Sensor SHT20 for Raspberry Pi or anyother Computer


Date:2021-01-12 10:39
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USB Temperature-Humidity Sensor SHT20 for Raspberry Pi or anyother Computer


  • 1. Stm32f030 is used to collect temperature and humidity, and send the data to the host computer through TTL or USB serial port;
  • 2. The current popular USB type-C interface is used for both power supply and serial communication;
  • 3. Ch340g is used as USB to serial chip. After more than ten years of development, Nanjing qinheng's USB to serial chip is quite mature, with good stability and cost performance;
  • 4. The temperature and humidity chip adopts sht20, the typical value of humidity is ± 3% RH, and the typical value of temperature is ± 0.3 ° C. some domestic materials with lower cost and higher cost performance ratio may be considered in the future, provided that the accuracy and consistent performance meet the requirements;
  • 5. Reserve TTL serial port, reserve SWD interface, reserve surplus GPIO;
  • 6. Weld a key to switch the data output from TTL serial port or USB to serial port. Reserve a key position not welded;
  • 7. One user led and one user LED are off by default and on after power on. The user can modify it for other indicated purposes.