Raspberry Pi 7inch IPS/QLED Integrated HDMI FFC Cable port Display Ultrathin screen 1024×600


Part Number:70H-1024600-IPS/QLED

Date:2022/08/12 16:12

Raspberry Pi 7inch IPS/QLED Integrated HDMI FFC Cable port Display Ultrathin screen 1024×600

Note: Do not include Raspberry Pi, Please Buy alone.


  • The 70H-1024600 series display, designed by Waveshare Team,
    is for customers who need a lightweight HDMI display.
    As it is thinner and lighter than any traditional HDMI display,
    users can do the second development by themselves easily.
  • For simplifying the display, we integrate the power supply, display, touch,
    and control signal as the 40PIN multi-functional header.
    Just need an FPC cable, you can lower the project cost with the thinnest display,
    and apply it in any embedded projects.


  • 7-inch IPS/QLED screen, 1024 x 600 hardware resolution.
  • Capacitive touch, support five-point touch (this function is only for the touch version).
  • COF thin and light structure, providing 40PIN interface one-line communication,
    integrated development is more convenient.
  • High compatibility, when used with development accessories,
    it supports main control boards such as Raspberry Pi, PC, and Jetson nano.
  • Support backlight control, more power saving.

   Device & System Support

  • Support Windows / Linux / Android Main Board Which Has HDMI Signal And USB Touch Signal
  • Used with development adapter, support the following devices:
  • All versions of Raspberry Pi
  • Jetson Nano
  • Windows PC

Comparing The Appearance

Suitable For Industrial/Office Environments With Higher Level Device Requirements

Optional Development Adapter

Simultd Unplugging, More Convenient To Use

Integrated Structure Design

Provide Secondary Development Resources To Facilitate Integrated Design
Boost Simple Development For Embedding Engineering Applications Quickly

Thinner And More Space Saving

Different with the conventional connection method, integrate 40PIN multi-function interface for one-cable communication. Integrate the driver circuit into an FPC cable, the thinnest only needs 3mm thickness space

170° Wide Viewing Angle

QLED Quantum Dot Technology

Wider Color Gamut
Color Gamut Of This QLED Display Is Up To: NTSC 78%, SRGB 92%
* This function is only available on the QLED version

More Pure Chroma

Chroma Of QLED Increases 58.3%, Makes The Color More Pure, More Vivid
* This function is only available on the QLED version

Longer Lifetime

Due To Its Inorganic Characteristic, The Color Life Of QLED Could Be Up To 60000 Hours Without Color Degradation
* This function is only available on the QLED version

5-Point Capacitive Touch

Gently Touch, And See What You Get, Enjoy Multi-Point UI Interaction Via Flexible Operation
Adapting Touch Function With USB Signal, Support 5-Point Touch
* This function is only available on the Touch Display version

Connection Example

For the first use, it is recommended to use development adapter for connection
* for reference, Raspberry Pi board is NOT included.

Interface Introduction

Application Scenarios

New Energy, Electronic Sentinel, Human-Machine Interface, Smart Home
IoT, Industrial Applications, Consumer Electronics