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Milk-V Duo 256M do not boot Milk-V Duo 256M NEW SDK img

2024-01-27 09:54:53 Ask


I received a new MILKV DUO 256M device today, and I was able to download the milkv-duo-20230519-1809.img
file and successfully flash it onto a new Sandisk 16GB SD card from my
Windows 11 desktop system.

However, when inserting the SD card into the DUO and applying power, the
blue led never comes on or blinks. The red power indicator is on. The RNDIS
device also does not appear in Windows Device Manager.

I have tried re-flashing/verifying with the same and a different SD card,
but it still does not work.

Do you have any suggestions for other things to try?

Best Regards,

Milk-V Duo 256M do not boot Milk-V Duo 256M NEW SDK img
Answer time:
2024-01-28 16:07:27

A friend pointed me to:


And the images there work!

It seems like the DUO 256MB module is being delivered with instructions that send you to the images for the 64MB version which do not work.




Price: $11.9/13.9
Part Number: Milk-V-Duo-256M
Brand: Spotpear