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ESP32 Development Board with 0.96inch OLED display screen WIFI Kit 32 work for Arduino IDE


Date:2021-08-13 13:28
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ESP32 Development Board with 0.96inch OLED display screen WIFI Kit 32 work for Arduino IDE

Tech Specs

Main frequency24OMHz
processorTensilica LX6双核
Master chip ESP32
Calculation 高达60ODMIPS
Dual-mode Bluetooth 传统蓝牙和BLE低功耗蓝牙
Development environment 支持Arduino
Operating Voltage 3.3~7V
range of working temperature -40~90°c
Receiver sensitivity -98 dBm
UDP sustained throughput 135 Mbps
USB to interface chip Cp2102
Support mode Sniffer、Station、softAP和Wi-Fi Direct
Transmit power 19.5dBm@11b,16.5dBm@11g,15.5dBm@11n
Data rate 150 Mbps@11n HT40,72 Mbps@11n HT20
               54 Mbps@11'g,11 Mbps@1Ib