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Raspberry Pi 7.9inch DSI Volumio

2024-01-15 09:56:24 Ask

I need some help, I can’t get my Waveshare 7.9 DSI touchscreen to work, it stays dark. I installed ‘touchscreen’ and ‘now playing’ plugg-inns in Volumio, but noting. The dsi- interface board has 5 V (5.2V to be exact) power and shows a green blinking led.(see movie) The 1280x400 setting works on my iPad. DAC plays superb, so does the filterboard op top. 

Could you please help me out?

Answer time:
2024-01-15 09:57:33


You need to install the driver and make sure the kernel version matches the driver version in order to use it.



Price: $78.89
Part Number: -7.9inch-DSI-LCD
Brand: Spotpear