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Raspberry Pi RTC module exact battery used and connections

2023-12-28 05:49:11 Ask

Hi, i purchased thaht module, actually i own various raspberry pi (2b, 3b+, 5 ,some zero2 and picos..) and i'd like to add to some of those rtc.

From the website i don't read clearly the model of the battery you used , i think is a sony cr1220 but i am not sure al 100%, can you confirm?

as i said i'd like to test for various projects on different raspberry.. can u specify for me the differences in the connections ? (please for raspberry pi 2B, 3b+ and Zero 2 if you can).

Many thanks

Federico Raffaelli


Answer time:
2023-12-28 09:41:11

battery is CR1220



Price: $3.89
Part Number: Pi-RTC-DS1307
Brand: Spotpear