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I can't boot Luckfox Pico Plus board from SD card

2023-12-21 03:58:09 Ask

I've got Luckfox Pico Plus board and it has a FLASH memory chip onboard. Besides it has SD-card slot. I burned image into SD card and put it into a slot then power on the board. I expected the image was loaded from SD card but it still boots from FLASH chip. I can't even see the SD card via internal Linux.

Could you tell me how to boot from SD card and how to mount SD card in internal Linux?

Answer time:
2023-12-21 09:55:05

Firstly, it is necessary to erase the flash. You can start with the Pico version of the image,

but the device tree configuration is different.

The network port will be automatically disabled, and there may be conflicts with IO pins.

It is not highly recommended to use it in this way



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