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Milk-V Duo pinpong python library compatibility

2024-04-04 08:48:23 Ask

How is it with the python pinpong library (and its examples) compatibility with Milk-V Duo?

In blink.py I simply changed the port number to 25 and it works with onboard led,

but for example from neopixel.py I get error and I don't know now how to repair it.

I am not sure if it makes sense to try studying the source code of the library.

Thx, Jaroslav

Answer time:
2024-04-08 15:29:34

We've only tested the GPIO with the pinpong library;

other demos inherited from other supported board types by pinpong have not been fully verified yet.

We're currently allocating resources to adapt and it will take some time.

The  neopixel.py will be prioritized for review, and we will update you once we have made progress.



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