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Raspberry Pi GPIO PWM audio sound card Need GPIO pin information so we can only connect require pin.

2024-03-02 19:47:05 Ask

Hi need the information on pin use by module, as due to space and exposing headphone Jack, we can't use it as header, need to wire specific pins, if we can get detail of pin usesd by module will be really good help.

Raspberry Pi GPIO PWM audio sound card GPIO pin definition
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2024-03-04 14:29:30


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2024-03-15 20:33:57

Thanks for quick answer, just wondering too which Volt and Ground pin is use... or we can use any of them...?



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2024-04-08 06:36:16

Glad that I found your question, SpotPearGuest38131 and the provided chart above. Now I know that pins 18 and 19 are actually the BCM pins and finally managed to wire this module aside from the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi. At last, I can mount it in the desired place in my enclosure to expose the headphones jack.

To answer your question - feel free to use any of the 5V pins and any of the GND pins. I used the 5V from physical pin 4 and GND from physical pin 39. By the way, when looking on the board from above in the right orientation that you can read the text on it, pin 18 is responsible for the right speaker and pin 19 responsible for the left speaker.



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