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Milk-V Duo 256M onboard SPI NAND Flash

2024-03-04 21:29:27 Ask
  • This time we would need Flah memory assembled. We would need at least 256MB (512MB would be also acceptable)
  • Our intended application is industrial (not commercial), so we care Flash memory lifetime. We believe that SPI NAND would be convenient, current module already has pads for such Flash, right?
  • Does SPI NAND need any special support/tool for its programming? If so, could you advise some details?
  • Please would you tell me what exactly what type FLASH could you offer (brand and P/N)?
  • Milk-V Duo 256M onboard SPI NAND Flash
    Answer time:
    2024-03-04 21:31:31

    】It is not a SPI NAND, it is a SD nand pad

    】The on-board SD recommend this :   CSNP4GCR01-AMW

    】SD NAND is reserved for mass production customers and is not recommended for use as the chip bootrot cannot support USB firmware loading,

    so once the SD NAND is attached to the program, it cannot be changed.

    】In addition, if a mass production customer wants to use SD NAND, they need to lower the SD-CD pin and replace Q5 with PMOS ,You can see Q5 from here




    Price: $11.9/13.9
    Part Number: Milk-V-Duo-256M
    Brand: Spotpear