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Luckfox Pico Pro MAX boot doesn't flash the red light LED

2024-06-15 09:32:35 Ask

Hello, good evening, sorry about the time. The luckfox I received doesn't flash the red light, it doesn't turn on. I've already changed the type-c cable, changed the power supply on the motherboard and the front and rear USB ports, inserted a socket-to-usb adapter and it won't turn on, what can I do, thank you.

Luckfox Pico Pro MAX boot doesn't flash the red LED
Answer time:
2024-06-15 10:50:55

Is your SD card burning image compatible with this "luckfox pico pro max" development board? If not, then the system indicator lights on this development board won't flash. Generally, this development board comes from the factory with a pre-installed system on its built-in flash chip. Try powering the development board without inserting the SD card to see if the system indicator lights flash. If they still do not flash, you can try burning the corresponding version of the system onto the flash chip. If after these steps the system indicator lights still do not flash, it indicates that the development board might be faulty. It's recommended to contact customer service for further assistance.



Price: $12.89/13.89/14.89/15.89
Part Number: Luckfox-Pico-Pro-Max
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