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LuckFox Pico Cannot setup sdcard: not appearing in SocToolkit

2024-03-04 17:24:42 Ask

Firstly, when I plug the device in, I get nothing. No lights, no noticeable heat. I presume that's because I have the MINI-A? Without a correctly flashed sdcard, is that normal?

Secondly, I'm trying to flash an sdcard, but the SocToolkit isn't seeing the sdcard. (Windows can see it). The driver is installed, and no amount of removing or reinserting the sdcard is making it appear.

Is there any chance you could take a working sdcard and produce a disk image that I could apply to an sdcard with DD or Etcher? My sdcard is 32gb, but any size is fine. Just want to be able to see this device working!

Thank you.

luckfox-pico sdcard not in SocToolkit
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2024-03-04 20:16:23

LuckFox-Pico-MINI-A boot from SD card

You need write image OS to your SD card firstly

If your computer has antivirus software

You need to uninstall the antivirus software first. Uninstalling SocToolkit

Then reinstall SocToolkit. Then restart and try again



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2024-03-06 00:59:53

No antivirus enabled. Found a second windows machine, exactly the same problem; SD card does not appear, the drop-down list (labelled "Usb Disk") is empty.

Any ideas where I would find a disk image?



Answer time:
2024-06-29 00:48:29

The same problem. The program does not see the sd card. Help me, what should I do?



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