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Raspberry Pi Zero W 0.91inch OLED - RPI SPI and IIC

Raspberry Pi turns off SPI and I2C functions by default. If you write SPI programs, but the SPI module is not turned on, the following errors may occur:

ERROR: could not insert 'spi_bcm2708': No such device 

The following is a simple explanation on how to open SPI function. Of course, it is the same to open other functions.

Input at terminal

sudo raspi-config 

Command, and then operate according to the following sequence. After the configuration is completed, restart the raspberry pi to take effect.

If the SPI program runs with the following error

Unable to open SPI device: No such file or directory 

It is possible that the SPI module was not imported successfully. Use the lsmod command to see whether the SPI module was successfully imported

If the words shown in the figure above appear, it indicates that the I2C and SPI modules are imported successfully. Otherwise, you can perform the configuration again and restart the system.

If the execution of I2C related procedures, the following errors occur

Unable to open I2C device: No such file or directory 

You can see smod command i2c_bmc2708, but no i2c_dev, the following processing is required

sudo nano /etc/modules    #Open files with nano

Then add

Press Ctrl + X to exit editing, enter y to save the content, and then restart.

As shown in the figure below:

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