Arduino Adapter for raspberry pi ARPI600 with sensor package

【Expansion Module】
【ARPI600 with】
【sensor package】

Part Number  ARPI600 with sensor package   
Manufacturer SpotPear 
Price Break@ 1Unit@ 20Units@ 100Units
Unit Price($) 19.29 19 18.99
Overview Raspberry Pi/arduino Expansion Module ARPI600,use the Pi together with vast Arduino shields and hardware/software resources,the ARPI600 also support XBee modules, make it easy to add wireless feature to your great project,with 13 pcs sensor mode.


  • Support raspberry pi 2B/3B
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO, Leonardo, easy to connect with various Arduino shields
  • XBee connector for connecting various XBee modules
  • Sensor interface for connecting various sensors
  • Onboard USB TO UART for serial port debugging, also can be configured as XBee USB adapter
  • Onboard ADC, 10 bit, 38KSPS, 11 channels (6 channels for Arduino interface, 5 channels for sensors)
  • Onboard RTC
  • with 13 pcs sensor mode

Resources Introduced
  1. Arduino connector : for connecting Arduino shields
  2. ICSP interface : Arduino ICSP
  3. XBee connector : for connecting XBee communication modules
  4. Sensor interface : for connecting sensors
  5. Raspberry Pi connector : for connecting Raspberry Pi
  7. TLC1543 : AD converter
  8. PCF8563 : RTC
  9. CP2102
  10. 32.768KHz crystal : for RTC
  11. Power indicator
  12. XBee state LED
  13. XBee and Arduino interface RESET button
  14. XBee EASYLINK button
  15. RTC battery holder : for CR1220 button battery
  16. TLC1543 reference voltage configuration jumper
  17. RTC jumper
  18. UART jumper
    • when connecting P_RX and CP_TX, P_TX and CP_RX respectively, USB TO UART is connected to Raspberry Pi serial port
    • when connecting XB_RX and CP_TX, XB_TX and CP_RX respectively, USB TO UART is connected to XBee serial port
    • when connecting XB_RX and P_TX, XB_TX and P_RX respectively, Raspberry Pi serial port is connected to XBee serial port
  19. Arduino AD selection jumper
    • short 2 and 3 : Arduino A0-A5 as AD input
    • short 1 and 2 : Arduino A0-A5 as digital contro
  20. Arduino I2C selection jumper
  21. short the jumper
    • Arduino A4-A5 as I2C control
    • (the A4-A5 of Arduino AD selection jumper should be opened
  22. Arduino SPI selection jumper
    • short 1 and 2 : Arduino D11-D13 as SPI control (default)
    • short 2 and 3 : Arduino D11-D13 as digital control

【Sensor Package】

Color Sensor


Flame Sensor

Hall Sensor

Infrared Reflective Sensor

Laser Sensor

Liquid Level Sensor

UV Sensor

Moisture Sensor

MQ-5 Gas Sensor

Rotation Sensor

Sound Sensor

Tilt Sensor


MQ-5 Gas Sensor sensitive for LPG, natural gas, coal gas gas leakage detector
Color Sensor detects static color sorting by color, color matching
Flame Sensor sensitive to flame spectrum fire detection, fire fighting robot, fire alarm
Hall Sensor 49E hall sensor motor speed measurement, object position detection
Infrared Reflective Sensor reflective infrared Transceiver robot path tracking, obstacle-avoiding car, pipeline counter
Laser Sensor laser sensor obstacle detection, pipeline counter, smart robot
Moisture Sensor fork-like soil moisture sensor auto watering system, flowerpot soil moisture detection
Rotation Sensor detects clockwise/anti-clockwise rotations positioning in Industrial Controls
Sound Sensor onboard audio power amplifier LM386 ambient sound detection, sound level detection
Temperature-Humidity Sensor HT11 temperature and humidity sensor ambient temperature and humidity detection
Tilt Sensor detects shake signal shake detection, guard alarm, smart car
UV Sensor ultraviolet sensor ultraviolet tester, outdoor ultraviolet detector, germicidal lamp
Liquid Level Sensor detects liquid level water level alarm


ARPI600 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

ARPI600 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board back view

Connecting with Raspberry Pi Model B+(2B)

Connecting Raspberry Pi 2B and XBee

Connecting with Raspberry Pi Model A+ and GSM/GPRS Shield

Connecting with Motor Control Shield 

Connecting with Motor Control Shield and XBee

Connecting with Arduino IO Expansion Shield and sensors

Connecting with Arduino IO Expansion Shield and sensors

Learn how to use the lcd

Package Contains
  • ARPI600 x 1
  • sensor package x 1
  • MIN USB Cable x 1
  • Screws Pack x 1
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